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 Re:  new app  to help those struggling to eat find a free meal.    https://nextmeal.co.uk/  You can access it with just one word nextmeal.   You do not need to sign up,  leave an email address or provide any information at all.


My name is Kellie Dorrington and am the ops and development manager at Citizens Advice Haringey.  I attend a National Suicide Prevention Network and one of the organisers of a local soup kitchen, Martin Stone has set up a new app that will direct people, including maps, to their nearest free food available at that time.  In Martins experience most of those who are homeless will have access to the internet via a mobile phone. It is aimed primarily at those who are homeless, but anyone can use it.  It is updated very regularly but the service needs to be open at least once a week before it can be included. The app is available on all networks and is accessible online so can be used in a local library. Currently it is only London wide but they would like to extend it to further places at a later date.


Please can you let your team know about this site and pass it on to those who may find it useful, it really could save a life in this weather

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following on from the Budget, our rollout of UC in Kingston is now delayed until 18th June, so our event will be held in February/March instead and more details will follow nearer the time... please pass this message on to any colleagues who may have been planning to come along... thank you

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The Chancellor announced some changes to UC in the budget - good news and more to be done to alleviate problems..

The 7 waiting days at the start of a claim are stopped. Advance payments at the start of a claim are for 4 weeks, not 2. Repayment period for Advance Payments in increased from 6 to 12 months and HB continues to be paid for 2 weeks at the beginning of a claim. 

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Message from John Azah at KREC:

Dear all- I wish to invite you to the launch of the Kingston Race Equality Scorecard, a research project report produced as a partnership between Kingston Race and Equalities Council and the Runnymede Trust. Please join us in our vision to empower communities to reduce inequalities for Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities. The Kingston Race Equality Scorecard report is the product of a five year project and compiles quantitative evidence of six indicators which inform and equip public authorities of inequalities within their communities. The Kingston Race Equality Scorecard enables local communities to identify inequalities within their communities, empowering them to hold their local authorities to account.  Our aims involve enabling communities to report ethnic inequalities outcome, enable dialogue amongst different bodies within Kingston and aim to reduce inequalities across all ethnic groups. Please register your attendance on our events page:


 The launch will take place on:

 Wednesday 6th December 2017 at 7.00pm, Room JG 3003, Kingston University, Penrhyn Road, Kingston-upon-Thames, KT1 2EE

Kind regards,

John Azah, OBE     -                            

Chief Executive Officer,              

Kingston Race and Equalities Council ,                                                                   
Neville House , 55 Eden Street, Kingston, Surrey KT11BW                                                    

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Click on the link above for the template letter produced by Nick Dilworth which may be useful for your clients...

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Click on the link above to see the press item about this news story ...

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