Overall aim of kiaa

To enable the future provision of sustainable and robust information and advice services in Kingston upon Thames in line with the local Information and Advice Strategy

 Summary of the kiaa strategic objectives:

  • to improve coordination of information and advice in order to deliver comprehensive joined up services locally
  • to raise awareness about the importance of high quality advice and best practices
  • to enable the Alliance to contribute towards influencing strategic development in the local advice sector.  

 What we are going to do/hope to achieve:

  • Map who is doing what in the information and advice sector in Kingston
  • Support agencies to work together
  • Signpost network members to sources of information and support about relevant quality standards and capacity building assistance
  • Provide information for the network members on how to get involved on a strategic level.

The Kiaa Triangle and Outcomes and Objectives 

To find out more about the Kiaa Steering Group meetings just contact us for copies of the minutes. 

In February 2016 we started working on an Information and Advice Strategy for Kingston - follow the link to see  the: Kingston Information and Advice Strategy 

During 2017 we recognised that, due to the Commissioning Framework for funding set out by the Royal Borough of Kingston, there may be instances where we find ourselves in competition rather than being able to work in partnership, which is our preferred and agreed default position for member agencies. We therefore devised our protocol for dealing with such situations: kiaa Competition Protocol