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If you want more information before you consider joining, then please see the Kiaa Terms of Reference 

In case you are unsure if the network is relevant to your agency here are some definitions/examples of what we mean by information and advice.


  • Information is data given to individuals. For instance, a leaflet about services available or a particular problem and how to resolve it.
  • Advice is the application of such data to an individual’s circumstances. For instance, our information system shows that you can make a claim at the court, on the basis of the details you have given me about your situation.
  • Legal advice is data applied to an individual’s situation which involves a legal point . For instance, this information shows that you can be pursued by the landlord for rent arrears and, under the legislation, if you do not pay then you could lose your home by the landlord taking you to court.

Please note: Once you have applied online, the wider group will be asked to confirm they are happy for you to join and then your application will be processed (usually about 7 working days). You will then have access to the noticeboard. Before your application is approved you will still have access to the other areas of the site - online directory of services etc.